As your supervisor, I will be committed to doing what’s best for the city as a whole, doing the right thing, and making the tough decisions. While priorities often need to change, I will pay particular attention to these issues:


Economic Recovery:

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit our community and surrounding counties hard. Business closures and restrictions have created financial hardships for everyone, and many businesses may never be able to reopen. We must partner with our small businesses to help them survive, and not impede their recovery. Board members must work together to create an environment that fosters innovations, efficiency, and productivity. These are difficult and unprecedented times and we need strong, solution-oriented leadership. The board must work together to get us back on the road to recovery without overburdening our citizens, weakening our welfare and safety, or eliminating critical services.


Efficient Government:

Prioritizing services is a must. First, we must address the mandated services we are required to provide. We must then make responsible, informed, and smart decisions on how and where to allocate our remaining resources. Our city government made wise investments in the last several years. We must protect those investments while also ensuring we can maintain city services for our citizens.


Workforce Development:

We must partner with our local businesses and educational institutions like Western Nevada College to ensure our workforce has the needed job skills for a changing and challenging economy.


Protecting Public Safety:

We need to ensure that our first responders have the equipment and training they need to protect us, our schools, and our community. The safety and wellbeing of our residents is my top priority. In the last several years we have purchased new fire equipment and vehicles, added traffic enforcement officers, and increased school officers to make our community safer. We need to continue to do what is best for our most vulnerable populations.


Sustainable Infrastructure and Asset Management:

This is one of the most important issues facing Carson City, as well as every other city and county across the country. Carson City has spent the last six years creating and implementing an asset management plan to ensure we no longer defer the maintenance of our assets. This plan must continue as we move forward so we do not slip into the past practice of “kicking the can down the road” on maintaining critical assets.


Quality of Life

It’s important that we continue to protect and enhance those things that make our community great. Our vibrant arts community and abundant open space and recreational opportunities are tremendous assets and important to our residents and visitors alike. The number of people enjoying the world-class outdoor spaces in our area is increasing. We need to protect our open spaces while providing access to them, and continue enhancing our arts and culture programs. These priorities will allow us to continue the provide the lifestyle we have all come to enjoy.



Experienced and Effective Leadership


Committee to Elect Stacie Wilke McCulloch, PO Box 4096, Carson City, NV 89702